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Publications 2000 - 2012

Some selected books (one-authored and edited) written in English 1985 - 2006

2006 (with Zubeida Desai and Martha Qorro (eds.): Fresh Focus on the Language of Instruction Debate in Tanzania and South Africa. Cape Town: African Minds

2005 (with Zubeida Desai and Martha Qorro (eds.):  LOITASA Research in Progress. Dar es Salaam: KAD Associates. 320 pp.

2005  (with Rodney Kofi Hopson (eds.): Languages of instruction for African emancipation: Focus on postcolonial contexts and considerations. Cape Town: CASAS and Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota. Oxford: African Books Collective. East Lansing: State University of Michigan Press.

2004 (with Zubeida Desai and Martha Qorro (eds.):  Researching the Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa. Cape Town: African Minds. 280 pp.

2003 (with Zubeida Desai and Martha Qorro (eds.): Language of Instruction in Tanzania and South Africa. Dar es Salaam: E & D Publishers.

2002: Language, Democracy and Education in Africa. Discussion Paper no.15. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute. 47pp. ISSN 1104-8417 .ISBN 91-7106-491-

2000: Whose Education for All? Recolonizing the African mind?  New York: Falmer Press.350 pp. Reprinted in 2006 by africanabooks


Chapters in books (mostly in English, a couple in German and Spanish):

Peace education

2002: Paz y prevencion de conflictos. In: Alcober,Pere and Vicenç Fisas (eds.): I Encuentro Ciudadano Internacional – Barcelona, abril de 2001. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.  DL:B.38.855-2001. pp.197-193

2000: Educacion para la Paz en un mundo globalizado. In: Ortega, Pedro (ed.): Educacion para la Paz. Murcia: Ediciones Myrtia.pp.39-58. ISBN 84-95549-05-0

Educational Innovation – curriculum - methods

2007: Comparative Education in Norway (with Tone Skinningsrud) In:  Popov, Nikolay and Charl Wolhuter (eds.) Comparative Education as Discipline at Universities Worldwide.   Sofia: Bureau for Educational Services . ISBN 978-954-9842-10-4. pp. 38-48

Women studies

2000: An Analysis of Peace and Development Studies as well as Peace Education from a Feminist Perspective. In: Karame, Kari and Torunn Tryggestad (eds.): Gender Perspectives on Peace and Conflict Studies. Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and International Peace Research Institute, Oslo.pp.144-163.ISBN: 82 7002 153 9.

Indigenous knowledge

 2002: Stories of the Hunt – Who is writing them? In: Odora Hoppers,Catherine (ed.): Indigenous Knowledge and the Integration of Knowledge Systems. Towards a Philosophy of Articulation. Claremont South Africa: New Africa Education.pp.237-257.

2000: Transforming African Universities Using Indigenous Perspectives and Local Experience. In: Teasdale, G.R and Z. Ma Rhea (eds): Local Knowledge and Wisdom in Higher Education. New York: Pergamon Press.pp.153-169.

Globalisation, Language and Education

2006: Learning through a familiar language versus learning through a foreign language – a look at some secondary school classrooms in Tanzania. In: Brock-Utne, Birgit, Zubeida Desai and Martha Qorro (eds.):  Focus on Fresh Data on the  Language of Instruction Debate in Tanzania and South Africa. Cape Town: African Minds. Pp.19-40

2006: English as the language of instruction or destruction – how do teachers and students in Tanzania cope? In: Albert Weidemann  and Birgit Smieja, (eds.): Empowerment through Language and Education: cases and case studies from North America, Europe, Africa and Japan. Frankfurt: Peter Lang .pp.75 - 91

2005: Globalisation, Language and Education. In: International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research. . Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers 2005. s. 549-565

2005: Language-in-Education Policies and Practices in Africa with a Special Focus on Tanzania and South Africa – Insights from Research in Progress. In: Lin, Angel  M.Y. and Peter Martin (eds) Decolonisation, Globalisation, Language – in- Education. Clevedon/Buffalo/Toronto: Multilingual Matters. pp.175 – 195.

2002: Globalisierung des Bildungswesens – Erfahrungen aus Afrika. In: Wulf Christoph und Christine Merkel (Hrsg.):Globalisierung als Herausforderung der Erziehung. Theorien, Grundlagen, Fallstudien. European Studies in Education. Münster/New York/München/ Berlin: Waxmann. Pp.402-414.

A selection of articles in professional journals written in English
(book reviews are not included)

Peace education

2007: Education for peace vs education about peace. Bridges. Vol.14.  No1/.2. pp.107-125 ISSN 1042-2234 (a volume dealing with the Reality of War and the Possibility of Peace.)

2004: Peace Research with a Diversity Perspective: a look to Africa  International Journal of Peace Studies. Vol.9  No.2. Autumn/Winter  pp.109 – 123

Globalisation, Language and Education

2007: Learning through a familiar language versus learning through a foreign language –  a look into some secondary school classrooms in Tanzania. International Journal of Educational Development. Vol.27. No.5. 2007. ISSN 0738-0593  pp. 487 – 498

2007: Is Norwegian threatened as an academic language? International Higher Education Summer issue. ISSN  1084-0613. pp.15-16

2007: Language of Instruction and Student Performance: New Insights from Research in Tanzania and South Africa International Review of Education. Vol.53.No.5/6. ISSN 0020-8566. (in press)

2004. (with Halla Holmarsdottir):Language policies and practices in Tanzania and South Africa: problems and challenges. International Journal of Educational Development Vol.24. No 1.pp.67-83

2003: The Language Question in Africa in the light of Globalisation,  Social Justice and Democracy. International Journal of Peace Studies. Vol.8. No.2.pp.67-87.

2002: The Use of African Languages – a Question of Learning and a  Question of Democracy. Le Revue Gabonaise des Sciences du Langage. No.1

2001: Education for All - in Whose Language? Oxford Review of Education. Vol.27. March. No.1. pp.115-134. ISNN 0305-4985

2001: The Growth of English for academic communication in the Nordic Countries. International Review of Education.Vol.47. No.3-4.pp.221-233. ISNN 0020-8566

2001 .(with Halla Holmarsdottir): The Choice of English as Medium of Instruction and Its Effects on the African Languages in Namibia International Review of Education. Vol.47. No.1.pp.293-322. ISNN 0020-8566

Globalisation, Development Aid , Higher Education

2007: The language of instruction and research in higher education in Europe – highlights from the current debate in Norway and Sweden. International Review of Education. Vol.53. No.4. pp.367-388. ISSN 0020-8566.

2007: Worldbankification of Norwegian Development Assistance to Education. Comparative Education. Vol.43. No.3. Special Issue on Global Governance, Social Policy and Multilateral Education. ISSN 0305-0068. pp.433 – 449.

2003: Formulating Higher Education Policies in Africa - the Pressure from External Forces and the Neoliberal Agenda. Higher Education in Africa. Vol.1.No.1 pp.24-56. ISSN 0851-7762

2002: Education and Development: A Developing theme. International Review of Education. Vol.48.No.1/2. 2002. pp.45-65.

2002: Development Aid to the Education Sector in Africa: Lessons of Experience. Journal of International Cooperation in Education.Vol.5.No.2.pp63-90

2002: The Global Forces Affecting the Education Sector Today – The Universities in Europe as an Example. Higher Education in Europe. Vol.XXXVII.N0.3.2002.pp.283-300

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