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Publications 1985- 2000

Some selected books (one-authored and edited) written in English 1985 - 2006

l985: Educating for Peace.New York/Oxford/Toronto/Sydney/ Paris / Frankfurt: Pergamon Press.l75.pp.­Reprinted in l987 and in l989.A Korean edition appeared in l986.Published in Seoul.3l5 pp. A Norwegian edition appeared in l987.Oslo:Folke­reisn­ing mot krig.206.pp. An Italian edition  appeared at the end of l989,published by Edizione Gruppo Abele.

 l989: Feminist Perspectives on Peace and Peace Educati­on.New York/ Oxford/ Toronto/Sydney/Paris/ Frankfurt: Pergamon Press.200 pp.

1999: (eds. together with Gunnar Garbo): Globalization - on whose terms? Report no.6.l999. Oslo: Institute for Educatio­nal Research. 335 pp.ISSN 0800-6113

Chapters in books (mostly in English, a couple in German and Spanish):

Peace education

l988: Disarmament education: The European Evolution. In: Ray,Dou­glas,(ed): Peace Education. Canadian and International Perspect­ives. London,Canada:Third Eye.pp.ll2-l29.

1994: The distinction between education about peace and development and value centered education intended to promote them. In: Ray, Douglas (ed): Education for Human Rights. An International Perspective. Studies in Comparative Education. Paris: UNESCO/IBE pp.55-82.

1995: The distinction between teaching about peace and teaching for peace. In: Buffet, Françoise and Jacques-André Tschoumy (eds): Choc démocratique et formation des enseignants en Europe. Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon. pp.111-133. republished  in: Valente,Maria Odete, Amália Dárrios, Alberte Gaspar, V.D,Teodora (eds.): Teacher Training and Values Education. Lisboa: Departemento de Educaçâo da Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa/Association for Teacher Education in Europe. pp.839 - 873.

1997: Internationalisierung des Bildungswesens - Eine kritische Perspektive. In: Kodron,Christoph, Botho von Kopp, Uwe Lauterbach, Ulrich Schäfer und Gerlind Schmidt (Hrsg): Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft: Herausforderung - Vermittlung - Praxis. Festschrift für Wolfgang Mitter zum 70. Geburtstag. Köln/Weimar/Wien: Böhlau Verlag.pp.301 -311.

1999: Multicultural education and Development Education. The Challenges to Peace Education. In: James Calleja and Angela Perucca (eds.): Peace Education: Contexts and Values. Leece: Edizioni Pensa MultiMedia.pp.229-261.

Educational Innovation – curriculum - methods

l982: What are the effects of curricular options? In: Council of Europe(ed.):Sex Stereotyping in Schools.Lisse:Swets & Zeit­linger.pp.63-78. Also published in: Tidskrift för Nordisk Förening för Pedagogisk Forskning.nr.4.l982.pp.5 - 22.

l988: What is educational action research? In: Kemmis,Stephen and Robin McTaggart (eds.): The Action Research Reader. Deakin,Austra­lia: Deakin University Press.pp.253-259.

l988: Formal education as a force in shaping cultural norms relating to war and the environment .In: Westing,Arthur (ed): Cultu­ral Norms,War and the Environment. Oxford: Oxford University Press.pp.83-l0l. Translated into Russian and published by Mir publish­ers, Moscow, l989.

1994: Reflections of a cultural commuter. In: Bystydzienski, Jill and Estelle Resnik (eds), 1994: Women in Cross-Cultural Transitions. Bloomington: Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation.pp.121-132.

1994: A renewed curriculum dependency in the wake of Jomtien? In: Schnack,Karsten (ed),1994: Export of Curriculum and Educational Ideas. Didaktiske studier. Studies in Educational Theory and Curriculum. Vol.13. Copenhagen: Royal Danish School of  Educational Studies.pp.25-65.

1994: Creating Change through Adult Education - suggestions for two priority areas. In:  Peter Beckman and Francine D'Amico (eds.),1994: Women, Gender and World Politics. Perspectives, policies and prospects. Westport,Conneticut: Bergin & Garvey. pp.175 - 187.

Women studies

l982:Gewaltfrei denken.Zur Rolle der Frauen in der Friedens­forsc­hung.(Non-violent thinking.The role of women in peace research.)In:Randzio-Plath,Christa(ed.):Was geht uns Frauen der Krieg an?(Does war concern women?) Hamburg:Rowohlt Verlag.pp.45-64.

1986. Feminism and Peace. In: Pauling, Linus, Ervin Laszlo and Jong Youl Yoo (eds.): World Encyclopedia of Peace. Vol.1.pp.324-327. Oxford/New York/Beijing: Pergamon Press.

l988: The Development of Peace and Peace Education Concepts through three UN Women Decade Conferences. In: Alger, Chadwick and Michael Stohl(eds): A Just Peace through Transformation. Cultural,  Economic, and Political Foundations for Change.Boulder & London:­ Westview Press.pp.l70-l90.

1991: Underdevelopment and the Oppression of Women: A Feminist Perspective. In: Boulding, Elise, Clovis Brigagao and Kevin Clements (eds.): Peace Culture & Society. Transnational Research and Dialogue. Boulder/San Fransisco/Oxford: Westview Press.pp.212 - 229.

1992: The Feminist Experience and Social Change in Europe and Africa. In: Boulding, Elise (ed): New Agendas for Peace Research. Conflict and Security Reexamined. Boulder & London: Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers. pp.33-43.

A selection of articles in professional journals written in English
(book reviews are not included)

Peace education

 l989: Gender and Cooperation in the Laboratory. Journal of Peace Research. Vol.26. No.l   pp.47 - 57.

1995: Educating All for Positive Peace:  Education for Positive Peace or Oppression? International Journal of Educational Development. Vol.15. No.3. Sept. pp.177-197.

1998: Multicultural education and development education - similarities and challenges to peace education. Nordisk Pedagogik. Vol.18.Nr.1.pp.1-15

1999: L'educació de la pau en l'era de la munialització (Peace education in an era of globalization). Revista de Recerca Humanística i Científica. Núm.X.pp.31-47. ISSN 1130-4235

Educational Innovation – curriculum - methods

l979: Research and Reform in Teacher Educaton. Prospects.vol. IX,no.l/l979.

l982: The hidden curriculum of the Norwegian compulsory school. Tidskrift før Nordisk Førening før Pedagogisk Forskning.nr.l-2/l982.pp.33 - 46.

1996 : Reliability and validity in qualitative research within education in Africa. International Review of Education. Vol.42. No.6. 605-621. ISNN 0020-8566

Indigenous knowledge

1999: African Universities and the African Heritage. International Review of Education. Vol.45. No.1.pp.87-104.

Globalisation, Language and Education

1993: Language of instruction in African schools - a socio-cultural perspective. Nordisk Pedagogik. Nr.4. pp.225-247.

1995: Cultural Conditionality and Aid to education in East Africa. International Review of Education. Vol.41. No.3-4. pp.177-197.

1996 : Globalisation of Learning - the role of the Universities in the South: with a special look at Sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Educational Development. Vol.16. No.4.pp.335-346.ISSN 0738-0593

1997: Language of instruction in Namibian schools.  International Review of Education.Vol.43. No.2/3. pp.241-260.

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