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Tingatinga, Tanzania.
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Tentative whereabouts  2016

Address in Norway  from 1st of January: Vestoppfaret 14. N-1450 Nesoddtangen

4 – 8   January: In Hamburg with Frank’s daughter, Ane (20)                                                          

12 -23 January: At Zanzibar for the launch of TRANSLED and the steering   committee meeting.                                                                                                                                        

12-14 February: To Århus to celebrate the 80th  birthday of Kirsten Reisby

 2     March: Gunnar jr. is 40. Maybe there will be a celebration that day                                  

6 -11   March : Attending the CIES conference in Vancouver, Canada                                           

12-14   March: External examiner at the University of Tromsø                                                         

15 – 23 March: Co.editing the first TRANSLED book in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

1- 30 April : In Hamburg (home from  8  to 11 to participate in a conference of writers of academic literature and home from 16th to 21 to celebrate the 92nd birthday of Gunnar sr.)   
Address in Hamburg:
Gästehaus der Universität Hamburg, Rothenbaumchaussee 34. D-20 134
Hamburg 49-40-414-006-26                               

Address in Norway from the 1st of May: Dalbovn.64.1458 Fjellstrand

May 28 – Our Dalbo neigbours Ida and Karl hold a summer party for children and grown-ups

June – at Dalbo with guests – friends and family                                                                             

6 – 8 June: NORHED conference in Oslo                                                                                         

18 June: Grandson Lasse and his fiancé Nore get married                                                         

22 – 29 June- Gro with family at Dalbo

1 – 4 July: “lusjentreff” – friends of Karsten with children at Dalbo                                                            

9 -16 July: In Crete to celebrate the 60th birthday of Tora                                                                 

1 - 3 .August: Jens and Ellinor with family at Dalbo

3 – 8 August – Siri with friends at Dalbo

10 – 17 August: Lecturing at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

19 August: Party at Vestoppfaret – I am on the organizing committee

20 -21 August: Attending another 60ieth birthday party for Tora in Bergen

23 August: Attending the celebrations of the International summer school at the University of Oslo

24-25 August: Vestoppfaret neighbours Mia and Nora will stay with me at Dalbo

26 August: External examiner at Oslo and Akershus University College

30 August: External examiner at Oslo and Akershus University College

31 August: External examiner at the University of Oslo

1 – 6 September: Travelling by boat and train to Århus in Denmark and back

7 September: Formal party for the cohort 1956 at Continental

28 September: Paricipate in the festive evening of the Norwegian Research Council

29 September – 2 October: working with an evaluation of the master programme in education at the University of Tromsø

4 – 8 October: In Hamburg with Bjørn’s daughter Marie

10-11 October: Visit from grand-daughter Ida and great grand-daughter Marte

12 October: Council meeting in Zola

13 October: Meeting old “Katta” friends

15 October: In a Beatles concert with Tore

18 October: in a party with old friends at Halle and Marit’s place

19 October: Meeting with Magnus Andersen from the student society in Tromsø and later with Jens

28 October: 20 year celebration of the Faculty of Education at UiO

29 October: Norwegian Festival of non-fiction writing – Norsk Sakprosafestival

31 October: “Lutefisk” with Bjørn, Gro, Julie and Marie in Ullevålsveien- Siri, Gunnar and Tore are also invited

1 November –Party for Lakshman Weddirage from Sri Lanka in the apartment

2 November –With neighbors Nora and Mia at Mia ‘ place 3 November: Giving an open lecture at the University of Oslo on my life as a cultural commuter

4 November: Utetezi ya Jane . My Ph.D. student Jane Barongo Bakewehmama defends her doctoral thesis -party for her at my place

5-7 November: Visit from Maryam from Zanzibar - one of Jane’s opponents

8 -12 November: Participating in the steering com. meeting of TRANSLED in Dar

14 -16 November: Teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam

18-20 November: Weekend with Tore before he leaves for the Canaries on the 22nd

22 November: Memorial service for Gunnar in Parliament 26-27 November: Over-night visit from Inez in my apartment

1.December – Nesodden women meet at the restaurant “Asia “at Aker brygge

5.December –Rune Ottosen out to me to discuss a book project

6.December - meet good friend Bjørg and have dinner with her in town

7 December: “Pinnekjøtt” at Olav and Nina’s place

10 December - Staying with Tore in the Canary islands for three weeks

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