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Tingatinga, Tanzania.
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Tentative whereabouts  2017

3 January   –    back from the Canary islands                                                                                           
7 January     –   attending a 70eth birthday party at Grand Hotel in Oslo
12 - 16 January – lecturing in Marseille –  at
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale) Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE)                                                               
18  January – award ceremony of the Zola price                                                                                 
21 – 23 January – pre-celebrating my daughter Siri’s 50 ieth birth 
January 27-  get-together at Nora’s place with Mia                                                          
January 29 -  movie with Brage,Siri and Tore

4 February: Theatre with Tore – Singing in the rain                                                                                               
5 – 15 February: Teaching at University of Moi, Eldoret in Kenya                                                          
17 February: Theatre with Tore Etterlyst: Jesus with Eidsvåg    
18 February – party for six around the round table at my place      
25 February – party for six around the round table at my place           

2-5 March:Dance course in the mountains with Tore  - Pers hotel Gol         
5 – 11 March: CIES conference in Atlanta, US                                                                          
12 – 30 March: Teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam – Tore comes with me    

3 - 26 April: Living and working in Hamburg. In: Gästehaus der Universität Hamburg, Rothenbaumchaussee 34.  D- 20 134 Hamburg. Phone: 49-40-414-006-26   (Tore will be with me a week around Easter)
27 April: Appointment at the Aleris eye-clinic in Oslo – second injection                          
28 - 30 April: Have been invited to take part in the 50ieth anniversary of the Student Association at the University of Tromsø – I was the first Chair  -Tore will be with me and we are staying the first night
28/29 with Karsten’s friend Frank and next night at a hotel in Tromsø – meeting my friend Tone 

30.April – 1.May. Travelling from Tromsø via Oslo and Amsterdam to Dar es Salaam  

2 -11 May: Lecturing at the University of Dar es Salaam. Tore  accompanies me.
12 – 14 May: Tore drives us to Venabu where we shall celebrate the 50ieth birthday of Ole, the husband of niece Mette 
22 May: Appointment at the Aleris eye-clinic in Oslo – third injection             
24 May:  A group of Nesodden women have been invited to me at Dalbo                               
31st of May – My daughter, Siri, will be 50
From mid-May through June: at Dalbo Tore will be staying with me and we shall both do work-outs  at “Energihuset” 

3 June: Have been invited by neighbours at Dalbo to a summer party
11 June: Birthday party for my good friend Ines Vargas
16 -18 June: Visit from Irish friend Stephen Roche
17 June: Summer party at Dalbo with class-mates from “Katta”
21 June:  Appointment at the Aleris eye-clinic in Oslo – fourth and last injection
23 -25 June – lusjentreff –friends of my eldest son, Karsten, with family

July 10 -20: A trip with Tore in Norway to visit friends. First celebrating the 80ieth birthday of my good friend Marit from Katta at Sylve, then visiting Tom Even Svanevik Langø, the son of my eldest son Karsten’s girl-friend Annette, then staying at Utne Hotel, then to Tore’s eldest son, Trond, in Stavanger and then to Tore’s cousin Else in Arendal. 

July 22: A visit from school-mate Ole Marius and his wife Geo from Thailand
July 23: Master studnet Kim Wolfe is invited for Sunday dinner

July 24 – 27: Visit from my good friend,  Tone from Tromsø
July 27 – 30: Visit from grand-daughter Ida and greatgrand-daughter Marte
31  July: To Sweden to repair Tore’s car                                                                                 

2 – 7 August: Friends of Siri with their families shall visit at Dalbo
1 August :To Janne and Anders in their new apartment at Varden
3 – 7 August: To Denmark to visit Kirsten Reisby in Aarhus

8 August: Fifth injection in the left eye at  the Aleris clinic in Oslo
10 August: Visit by Svein and Judy Johannessen from Auckland  at lunch time. Attending the opening of the exhibition of the work of Waldemar Johannessen
11 August: To Kari Fasting and Bob O’Connor

15 August to Tore’s Cousin in Lørenskog
18 August: Familiy reunion of all of the children of Gunnar sr. and me with their spouses
24 August: Attending the gathering of Norwegian Ambassadors at Akershus castle
25 August: Attending – with Tore – a party organised by Vestoppfaret sameie where we spend some time in the winter months

5 – 8 September: Possibly attending the Oxford conference
11 – 13 September TRANSLED steering com. Meeting in Norway
14 – 18 September in Roma celebrating the 50 year of our good friend Johnny
21 September: Theatre: CATS with Tore
26 September – 4 October: At the Greek island Hydra where we shall celebrate  Tore’s birthday. He will be 80 the 28th of September

7 October to 7 November - Visiting friends in Australia and New Zealand
7 – 8  October - Oslo – Kuala Lumpur with KLM 
9,10,11 October in Kuala Lumpur at Sama Sama hotel
12 October with Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne
13,14,15 October in Melbourne  
16 October from Melbourne to Sydney with Jet star
16 -22 October  in Sydney, staying with school—mate Erik Aslaksen and his wife Elfi
23 October from Sydney to Auckland with China Air
24 – 28 October in Auckland 
29 October from Auckland to Dunedin with Jet
30,31 October in Dunedin where I shall give some lectures at the University of Otago

1 – 2 November in Dunedin   - staying at the university  hotel  
3     November back from Dunedin via Auckland to Bangkok
3-6  In Bangkok – visiting school-mate Ole Marius and his wife Geo 
7    November - back  from Bangkok to Oslo

28 November- all of December until 26th of January: In Puerto Rico, Grand Canary island, Fitness training with Tore.
From 28th November until 5th January we shall stay at Olympia apartments and from the 5th until the 26th of January 2018 at Miriam apartment hotel.

We plan a trip to Chile, Cuba and Miami in February

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