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Tingatinga, Tanzania.
Photo of painting.


Tentative whereabouts for the first part of 2018

1 – 26 January: Puerto Rico, Grand Canaria with Tore

10-20 February: Possibly planning of research in the TRANSLED project in Zanzibar

26 February – 6 March: Probably visiting Tore’s youngest son, Morten and my Fitness friend Tulli in Miami

6 -23 March: At Vestoppfaret, Nesodden 23-30 March: Attending the CIES conference in Mexico city (Tore will accompany me)

2 -6 April: Working in Gästehaus der Universität Hamburg 7 – 8 April: Attending the conference of non-fiction writers at the SAS hotel in Oslo 9 – 30 April: Working in Gästehaus der Universität Hamburg (Tore will come for a visit)

2 – 14 May: Tore has invited me to Split in Croatia where we shall celebrate my 80ieth birthday on the 4th 14 -31 May: At Dalbo, Nesodden

1 – 8 June: At Dalbo, Nesodden 9 – 19 June: Tore and I shall probably be travelling with Rune Ottosen to Albania 19 – 30 June: At Dalbo, Nesodden

July, August: At Dalbo, Nesodden



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